Leclerc Baby Strollers Warranty

Leclerc Baby Strollers Warranty Information

Warranty Coverage: Leclerc Baby strollers are warranted to be free from material and manufacturing defects and to function properly under normal conditions, in accordance with the user guide and technical specifications, for a duration of 24 months from the original date of purchase. This warranty encompasses all manufacturing defects pertaining to the chassis, frame, wheels, as well as all textile components and harnesses of the Leclerc Baby strollers.

This manufacturer's warranty is provided without affecting any rights or entitlements granted by law, such as statutory warranty. Statutory warranty asserts that a product should perform as reasonably expected by the consumer.

Claim Process:

  1. Capture a video or take clear photos illustrating the issue you're experiencing with your stroller.
  2. Provide a comprehensive description of the encountered problems.
  3. Attach a copy of your purchase invoice to facilitate the verification process.
  4. Please kindly include in the email the Serial Number associated with the steel component leading to the right wheel on near the brake pad of the stroller

Warranty Coverage Details:

  • Manufacturing defects in the chassis, frame, wheels, adapters (frame and car seat adapters), zippers.
  • All harness parts of your Leclerc Baby stroller.
  • Seam defects in the covering material.
  • Self-adhesive strap defects.
  • Colorfastness of the materials.

Voiding of Warranty:

The manufacturer's warranty will be void under the following circumstances:

  • Unauthorized modifications or repairs performed without prior written consent from LSC Europe B.V. or the retailer.
  • Defects arising from neglect, accidents, or any use/maintenance practices not outlined in the user guide, including improper storage and care.
  • Damage resulting from regular wear and tear, encompassing issues like push bar and upholstery damage due to everyday usage, and holes/tears in tires.
  • Damage incurred during transportation. We recommend thorough inspection of your Leclerc Baby stroller upon delivery by airlines or other carriers, and filing a damage claim with the carrier if necessary.
  • Customer dissatisfaction based on design, weight, functionality, or color.

Contact Information:

The manufacturer's warranty period for this product spans 24 months from the purchase date mentioned on the sales receipt. Safeguard the sales receipt in a secure location and retain a copy. In case you wish to file a claim under this manufacturer's warranty, your initial point of contact should be the retailer from whom you made the purchase.

For more information about our warranty, you can contact us via email or phone, or visit our warehouse location:

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